•        総裁:手束正昭(高砂教会主任牧師)
  •        副総裁:當銘由正(聖書福音聖川教会牧師)
  •        書記兼事務局長:行澤一人(日之出キリスト教会牧師)

Committee of 'Movement of Evangelizing All Japanese'

' Awake, Japan! Let the Spiritual Revolution in Christ Break out !'

Praise the Great Name of the Lord!

Today, our nation Japan is facing the deep crisis. It is not just economic problem, but rather the crisis of spirit. We clearly see the symptom of it in the younger generation or even children. In their eyes we could not see the shining light or hopeful delight, so we could hardly hope for the tomorrow of this nation. Definitely we could not help saying that this nation is declining. And we are absolutely convinced that this nation shall not be delivered from such national crisis other than through the spiritual revolution in Christ. Now is the time when all Japanese Christians should stand up in unity for salvation of our nation, regardless of all differences among our denominations or organizations, with all effort of getting over the differences in theologies or teachings.

We stood up and inaugurated this 'Movement of Evangelizing all Japanese' in June,2003 with such passion for this nation. The reason why we emphasize ' all Japanese' in the title of this movement is that we intentionally share the hope of restoration of Japan as a whole nation through Christian faith and the desire of positively developing the mission of gospel contextualized in our own Japanese history, culture and tradition.

In addition, we aim literally inter-denominational movement and welcome anyone joining us whoever confess 'Jesus is the Lord, our Messiah ' without asking any definite theology or creed. Moreover, we say, we do not have any intention of competing with other organizations or movements with special purpose of Japanese revival, but rather we would like to proceed in good co-operation with any organization or individual that has ever been much contributing to the Japanese revival and salvation. In that sense, we also appreciate very much for positive co-operation with us and wide engagement in our movement by such organizations or individuals that have been acting with aiming for Japanese revival.

So, we humbly beg your engagement in our movement with understanding our purpose.
Let us stand up together for the salvation of our nation Japan.